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BANDEX S.A.’s main objective is to manufacture national and international quality products especially for the food packaging industry, providing products and services that meet the needs of our customers, using technological development available. El objetivo general de BANDEX S.A. es elaborar productos con calidad de competencia nacional e internacional, especialmente para el sector de envasamiento de alimentos, proporcionando productos y servicios según las demandas y necesidades de nuestros clientes, atendiendo al desarrollo tecnológico disponible.

The Company is then committed to:

Meet customer requirements in compliance with current legal provisions.

Continuously maintain and improve the Quality Management System, periodically checking processes, products and services.

Continue and improve the implementation of productive and business processes, prioritizing product safety.

Select, assess and accompany our suppliers to ensure the quality and safety of products and services.

Advise our customers regarding the proper use of products, help prevent faulty items and guarantee food safety to the end consumer.

Motivate and train team members, ensuring their commitment and involvement.

This policy is regularly looked over for its adequacy.


The Company is committed to:

Implement and maintain Management Systems to prevent injuries and diseases and to control Environmental aspects in accordance with current legal provisions.

To ensure that all personnel participating in operations are dully trained so that they can know and carry out actions regarding aspects of Occupational Health and Safety and the Environment in the right time at the right place.

To develop and implement continuous improvement programs on aspects of Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety in order to meet environmental objectives and those related to occupational health and safety.

To regularly analyze the Environmental impact and the Occupational Health and Safety hazards of productive processes in order to prevent contamination and occupational injuries and diseases leading to Sustainable Development.

To interchange information with customers and suppliers so as to spread and share Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety policies compatible with BANDEX S.A.’s.

To actively participate in Institutions whose main objective is Environmental care and protection for a better quality of life.

This policy is regularly looked over for its adequacy.