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Estuche ovalado medio

Product profile
Cod. M4060

Colours Available

Measures (inch)
6,69 x 5,12 x 2,36


  • Units per bag

Shipment information

  • Excellent transparency and shine
  • Excellent performance at low temperatures (-18ºc)
  • Very good gas barrier
  • Excellent hinge resistance (containers)
  • Very good chemical resistance
  • Low thermal resistance (55º - 60ºc)
  • High density 1.33 gr/cm3
  • Not suitable for microwave use
  • Recyclable


Optimum storage conditions include a dry place with temperatures fairly below 40° C.


NOTE: The information contained in this TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS DATA SHEET is provided only for illustrative purposes regarding the use and applications of the described product, and nothing stated herein shall be interpreted as an express or implicit manufacturer's warranty on the latter, with no determinations assumed by Bandex S.A., verifying that the product is adequate for intended use. The Company reserves the right to modify characteristics and/or properties of containers without prior notice.