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We have developed the industrial conditions to always be able to bring to our clients the best quality.

BANDEX S.A. came into being in 1962 under the premise of innovation in plastic products.

Its first product was an ultra slim PSAI sheet that, up until that moment, was unknown to the market. Thus, it set the course that 10 years later would lead to the manufacture of the first line of disposable food trays in Argentina. Its perspective regarding sustainability led to the construction of two industrial facilities fully equipped with the most sophisticated technology, that abide by the most rigorous quality and environmental care standards. A set of seven materials is processed at both facilities: PSE, PET, PET GAG, PET/PE, PP, PSAI and BOPS. Sheets, coils and containers can be manufactured with these.

Its products are sold worldwide through its agent network.




By continuing to lead the market while meeting regional, national, and international demands, we renew our pledge towards providing solutions; a commitment that has always been the foundation of the company.

Gestionando sus recursos bajo los pilares de Innovación, Calidad y Excelencia en el servicio, Bandex posee 2 plantas industriales certificadas bajo Normas ISO, brindando al mercado más de 280 productos desarrollados en 7 materiales y con un equipo de 308 personas capacitadas para sus distintas actividades.

En la actualidad, siguiendo los nuevos sistemas de envasamiento, reconvertimos las plantas e incorporamos tecnología.